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Why we love backpack armor

Plate carriers, bulletproof vests and ballistic shields are excellent tools and all have their place. However, as a civilian it might be difficult to use body armor all day in your daily life. And carrying around a ballistic shield would probably make you look wierd. That is where our backpack/bag armor plates come into play!


An armor panel placed inside your backpack or briefcase is invisible and makes for the perfect everyday armor. An instinctive reaction when beeing attacked is to lift your arms in front of you to protect the head and vital organs. If you carry a bag when being attacked or threatened the most likely response is to use it as a shield and a means to keep distance. So having an armor panel in your bag is not only the most discreete way to carry armor, but also a really good idea!


At Tyr Protection we offer both soft armor panels and rifle rated hard armor plates designed for backpacks and briefcases. All products are made in Sweden using only high quality european and american ballistic materials. All plates are also tested to the latest NIJ standard. Click here to see all our body armor plates and backpack/bag plates. Please contact us on if you have any special requirements.


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