Bulletproof Vest TSA II

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Tyr Protection TSA II is a comfortable and high quality bulletproof vest with soft armor panels and a four-point adjustable strap system. The carrier is breathable and can be used both as an overt and covert vest. The armour panels are thinner and lighter compared to TSA IIIA.


Ballistic protection level NIJ II (0101.06). Ballistic performance tested by an independent ballistic laboratory. NIJ Level II means protection against handgun threats up to .357 Magnum, while NIJ IIIA as our TSA IIIA vest also stops .44 Magnum.


Armour panels made of high quality Twaron®. Twaron® is a very strong european para-aramid fiber similar to Kevlar®.


The vest has inner pockets for hard armor plates front and back. Will accept ceramic plates and our steel core 25x30cm (10x12") and 26x34cm hard armor plates. Click here to see our hard armor plates. 


  • NIJ 0101.06 II tested with:
    • 9mm 124gr FMJ (398 m/s)
    • .357 Magnum 158gr JSP (436 m/s)
  • Pockets for hard armor plates front and back.
  • Size: S - XXL
  • Weight <2 kg (panel weight for XL is 1,7kg)
  • Color: Black.


Below is the waist size for different sizes. For best comfort and concealability we recommend choosing a size that allows a few cm gap on each side. The lower value on each size is where the front and back panel meet eachother on the sides. So Medium is 88cm around the waist, and since we recommend a gap of up to 5cm on each side Medium fits up to 98cm waist size. 


Size Waist size
Small 86-96 cm
Medium 88-98 cm
Large 92-102 cm
XL 99-109 cm
XXL 106-116 cm



Here is a short video about Twaron®



Here you can see the vest.





Body armor can be shipped to all EU-countries.

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