Ballistic Shield ODEN AK47™

Ballistic Shield ODEN AK47™

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ODEN AK47 is a very slim and easy to handle ballistic shield made of top of the line ballistic steel. This model was developed specifically for protection against the AK-47 Kalashnikov but it also protects against lower velocity 5,56. The shield is rated for 7,62x39 M43 (720m/s) and 5,56x45 FMJ 55gr (868m/s). The shield also stops all common handgun calibers including military steel jacked/core variants like the swedish m/39B and eastern block 7,62x25.


In comparison with fiber based and ceramic shields the ODEN AK47 is extremely durable and can handle rough handling. It also has a very competitive price.



  • NIJ 0108.01 Special Type Tested:
    • 7,62x39 FMJ 125gr MSC (720 ± 10 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 FMJ 55gr (868 ±10 m/s). 
  • Made of top of the line ballistic steel.
  • Multi-hit and near edge capability.
  • The handle bolts can take a direct hit from 7,62x39.
  • Size 38x63cm (approx. 15x25”).
  • Weight approx. 7,5kg. 
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Cushioned handle and forearm pad.
  • No shelf life
  • Can be stored in a vehicle without heat or uv-radiation affecting the protecion level. 
  • Made in Sweden


In european countries handguns and AK-47 rifles dominate the black market. This makes the ODEN shield an excellent choise for most users.


In the USA 5,56 is the most common rifle caliber and US customers should consider if the velocity limit of 868m/s (2850fps) for 5,56 is a problem for the intended use. 2850fps means that the shield will stop many standard 5,56 bullets fired from shorter barrel AR rifles. Hot ammo and longer barrel gives higher velocities and will penetrate on a square hit at close range. In real world situations where shots come from a distance or the perpetrator uses a short barrel rifle the velocity might be well within the limits of the shields protection level.


The shield is avaliable in two configurations:

  1. The standard version which is corrosion treated and coated with a protective paint. Has a rubber rim and velcro on the front. Weight approx. 7,3kg.
  2. This version is coated with polyurea and is much more scratch-resistant. Can be equipped with velcro upon request. Weight approx. 7,5kg.

Scroll the menu above to see pictures of the different configurations.


Feel free to contact us for questions or special requests. Ballistic test report is avaliable upon request.


Price outside EU

Standard version: $620

Polyurea coated: $680


Price to EU countries

Standard version: €681

Polyurea coated: €746


This product can be delivered world wide. However our credit card solution in the webshop only accept orders from Sweden and a few other countries. Please contact us via e-mail for international orders. Payment is possible via Paypal or bank transfer.

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