Current discount offers on Bulletproof Vests, Plate Carriers and Body Armor Plates.


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Body armor plates on discount

Body armour plates on discount due to minor defects on the coating.


1,390.00 kr
1,890.00 kr
In stock

Bulletproof Vest TSA II

Bulletproof vest NIJ Level II. Soft armor panels made of  high quality Twaron® aramid. Protects against handgun calibers up to .357 Magnum.

3,490.00 kr
5,490.00 kr
In stock

Ballistic Shield ODEN AK47™

Ballistic shield NIJ Special Type rated for AK-47 (7,62x39 MSC) and 5,56x45 (850m/s). Lightweight and very slim design.

6,990.00 kr
8,490.00 kr
In stock

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