Spall Liner

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490.00 kr

Thin and light Spall Liner made of Twaron® aramid. The panel is placed in front of a steel core armor plate and catches bullet fragments. The panel is an alternative or complement to a build-up coat. Very effective when used in combination with our steel core plates.


  • Size 25x30cm (10x12").
  • Thickness approx. 4mm.
  • Weight 220 gram.


Can be used with all our armor plate models in the same size. The panel has no ballistic rating.



This product can be shipped world wide. However, our credit card solution in the webshop only accept orders from countries in the European Union. Contact us via e-mail for orders from other countries.



Here is a video of the spall liner being shot with 5,56x45 and .308win:



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