Body Armor Plate Lightweight 100% PE Level III ICW

Body Armor Plate Lightweight 100% PE Level III ICW

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2,290.00 kr
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

  • Body armor plate level NIJ III ICW. Rated for 7,62x51 Nato. In house tested with .308Win 150gr FMJ, .223Rem 55gr FMJ and 7,62x39 123gr FMJ MSC. Not rated for AP. Will not stop SS109/M855.


  • 25x30cm (approx. 10x12”)


  • Weight: 1,5kg (approx. 3,3lb). The weight is about half the weight of our Level III steel core armor. Another pro besides the weight reduction is that PE has some floating ability in contrast to steel core armor which will pull you down fast if you fall into water. The downside compared to steel armor is a shorter shelf life. If you live in a country with widely accessible SS109/M855 (like the USA) the inability to stop these bullet types should also be taken into account.


Here is a product demonstration:





This model is made in Asia and is not certified or threat tested by a ballistic lab in Europe.

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