Body Armor Plate AK-47

Body Armor Plate AK-47

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Lightweight steel core body armor plate rated for AK-47 7,62x39 and lower velocity 5,56. This model is primarily intended for protection against the AK-47. Also stops all common handgun calibers including steel jacked versions like the swedish m/39B.


This model is our personal favorite because of its low weight and extremely slim profile. In European countries handguns and AK-47 rifles dominate the black market which makes this model an excellent choise for most users. To our knowledge this is the lightest steel core plate in the world with this specific rating.


The plate is also available flat or single curved as a bare steel version: Skyddsplatta AK-47 - RAW


  • NIJ 0101.06 tested with:
    • 7,62x39 FMJ MSC 125gr (720 ± 10 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 FMJ 55gr (868 ± 10 m/s)


  • 25x30cm (approx. 10x12”). 


  • Weights approx. 2,2kg (approx. 4 lb 7oz)/pc with a base coat and approx. 2,5kg with a build up spall guard coating.


  • Single curve.


  • No shelf life. No storage restrictions.


  • Made in Sweden



Price to EU countries:

Curved plate with Base Coat €140

Curved plate with Build Up Coat €168


Price outside EU is 20% lower due to the swedish VAT.


Body armor can be shipped to all EU-countries and to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the USA. Backpack armor and ballistic shields can be shipped world wide. However, our credit card solution in the webshop only accept orders from Sweden and a few other countries. Please contact us via e-mail for international orders. Payment is possible via Paypal or bank transfer.



Here is a video of a ballistic test (7,62x39 MSC & 5,56 FMJ 55gr) performed by an independent test lab:



And here the plate is tested against M855 and other hot 5,56 rounds that are clearly over the rating:



A note about the velocity rating stated above: 720 ± 10 m/s for 7,62x39 means that the armor will protect against FMJ lead core or mild steel core projectiles fired from all AK-47 variants with a standard length barrel.


5,56x45 868 ± 10 m/s means that the armor will protect against many common .223/5,56 projectiles fired from short barrel rifles (<16"). For example M855/SS109 fired from a 14" AR is below the velocity limit while a 16" barrel will be above and may penetrate at close range. Hot ammo and longer barrel gives higher velocities and will penetrate on a square hit at close range. In real world situations where shots come from a distance (or hit at an angle) the velocity might be well within the limits of the rating.

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