Body Armor Plate AK-47 RAW

Body Armor Plate AK-47 RAW

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890.00 kr
Delivery weight: 2 kg

Lightweight steel core body armor plate rated for AK47 7,62x39 and lower velocity 5,56x45 M193. The protection level falls between NIJ IIIA and level III.


This version is primed bare steel. Flat or curved.


  • NIJ 0101.06 tested with:
    • 7,62x39 FMJ MSC 125gr (720 ± 10 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 FMJ 55gr (868 ± 10 m/s)


  • 25x30cm (approx. 10x12”). 


  • Weight: 2kg (approx. 4 lb 7oz).


  • Made in Sweden.


  • Avaliable as flat or curved for better ergonomics. We do not recommend the flat version to be used as a chest plate.


  • The plate is delivered primed but we recommend that it is painted or further surface protected in some way to give a long term corrosion protection.


For those who are not ballistic nerds like us the velocity rating means that the plate will stop short range square hits with 7,62x39 Mild Steel Core from a standard AK-47. It will also protect against many standard .223/5,56 rounds fired from short barreled rifles or shot from a distance. The plate will not stop short range square hits with hot .223/5,56 clearly over the velocity rating of 868m/s (2850fps). At 2kg (4lb 7oz) the plate is at least 1 kg (2lb 3oz) lighter than most level III plates and offers excellent protection for its weight and slim profile. The low weight is a result of using a high quality ballistic steel much harder than AR500.



Price outside EU:

Flat plate $76

Curved plate $93


Price to EU countries:

Flat plate €84

Curved plate €102


Body armor can be shipped to all EU-countries and to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the USA. Backpack armor and ballistic shields can be shipped world wide. However, our credit card solution in the webshop only accept orders from Sweden and a few other countries. Please contact us via e-mail for international orders. Payment is possible via Paypal or bank transfer.



Here is a video of a ballistic test (7,62x39 M43 & 5,56 M193) performed by an independent test lab:



And here the plate is tested against M855 and other hot 5,56 rounds over the plates rating:


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