Plate carrier PC14 AK-47

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The PC14 is a Low-Visibility Plate Carrier that holds Tyr Protections steel core body armor plates only. Will not hold ceramic plates. The carrier is made for concealed use and the design is entirely focused on low visibilty and minimalistic features.


100% made in Sweden. Carrier made of original 500D Cordura®. Low-Profile Elastic Cummerbund.


Extremely slim steel core body armor plates front and back. Two trauma pads are included in the kit.


The carrier has MOLLE slots on the front for accessories like abdomen protection. Side plate pockets for 15x15cm plates can be added on the cummerbund.


NIJ Special Threat Tested with 7,62x39 (AK-47) and low velocity 5,56x45. The plates are also NIJ IIIA tested with .357 and .44 Magnum and will stop all common handgun calibers -including steel jacked/core bullets like m/39B and 7,62x25 that is known for penetrating fiber baser armour.


  • NIJ 0101.06 tested with:
    • 7,62x39 MSC (720 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 55gr FMJ (800 m/s)
    • .357 SIG FMJ (448 m/s)
    • .44 Magnum SJHP (436 m/s)
  • In-house tested with:
    • 7,62x39 M43 (730 m/s)
    • 7,62x39 M67 type (730 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 55gr FMJ (800 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 SS109 (800 m/s)
    • 12 Gauge Buckshot
    • 9mm m/39B
    • .45 ACP
  • The armor plates are made in Sweden using top quality ballistic steel.
  • Armor plate size: 25x30cm / 10x12"
  • Base coated and single curved armor.
  • Weight approx. 2,1kg/plate.
  • Total weight ~4,5kg.
  • Waist size Medium approx. 80-100cm.
  • Waist size Large approx. 100-120cm.
  • Colour: Black


Demo of the plate carrier:



​Demo of the armor plates in this kit:




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