Plate Carrier CPC LP AK-47

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Lasercut low profile plate carrier kit with lightweight steel core body armor plates rated for AK-47 7,62x39 Mild Steel Core and handguns. Two 25x30cm (10x12") ballistic plates are included in the kit. This is a setup for customers who are looking for affordable but high quality body armor with a design that can be used covert. 


The plate carrier is made in Europe using only top of the line materials like original Cordura® and Cordura based laminate. The hard armor plates are made and developed in Sweden and a proof of its excellent quality is the extremely slim profile -No 1 on the market in its class. 


2 pcs 2M WB25/QASM 25mm female buckles are included in the kit. This makes is possible to easily attach for example a front panel with PALS-webbing or a magazine panel. Zippers on the back allows for attachment of accessories like back panels with PALS-webbing etc. 


  • NIJ 0101.06 Special Type tested with:
    • 7,62x39 MSC (720 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 55gr FMJ (800 m/s)
    • .357 SIG FMJ (448 m/s)
    • .44 Magnum SJHP (436 m/s)
  • In-house tested with:
    • 7,62x39 M43 (730 m/s)
    • 7,62x39 M67 type (730 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 55gr FMJ (800 m/s)
    • 5,56x45 SS109 (800 m/s)
    • 12 Gauge Buckshot
    • 9mm m/39B
    • .45 ACP
  • Total weight approx. 5kg.
  • Colour: Black
  • Cummerbund with pockets for AR/AK-type magazines.
  • Armor plate size 25x30cm / 10x12"
  • Waist size Small - XXL
  • Made in Europe


Waist size Small - XXL. The armour plate size is 25x30cm / 10x12" on all sizes. 


Size Waist size
Small 85-95 cm
Medium 90-110 cm
Large 105-125 cm
XL 115-135 cm



How to adjust the size and insert armor plates (the video shows a different plate model).



Demo of the plates vs soft armor penetrating ammo. 



Demo of the armour plates in this kit. 




We ship from Sweden and can deliver to all EU-countries. Please choose EUR (€) as currency for international orders otherwise the shipping cost will be incorrect. All sales are final.



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