Backpack Armor IIIA+

Backpack Armor IIIA+

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990.00 kr
Delivery weight: 2.3 kg

Ballistic panel intended to be inserted in backpacks or briefcases. Slim, discreet and made for daily use. A backpack with our insert can also be used as a small shield against an aggressor.



  • Protection level EN1522 FB4. This protection level corresponds to NIJ IIIA and the rating includes .357 and .44 Magnum.


  • Size 25x35cm (approx. 10x14”) and weights approx. 2,3kg (approx. 5lbs).  The insert fits most standard size backpacks. The plate has two small diagonal holes to make it possible to attach it with screws if needed.


  • Made in Sweden


  • Powder coated finish.


Superior to any level IIIA soft armor panel with respect to resisting hits near previous hits and near the edge.  Also protects against steel core/jacked rounds like surplus 7,62x25 and the Swedish 9mm m/39B.

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