Lightweight Kevlar Backpack Armor IIIA

Lightweight Kevlar Backpack Armor IIIA

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  • Lightweight Kevlar backpack insert. Protection level corresponds to NIJ IIIA for protection against handgun threats. Also gives some protection against shrapnel and knife stabs but these threats are not included in the protection level.


  • 25x35cm. Weight approx. 600 grams. Very comfortable, flexible and discreet model perfect for daily use. We have personally used this model daily for a couple of years and highly recommend it.


Here is a demo of the plate:



This model is not manufactured and certified in Europe. We have tested a couple of ballistic panels in-house against 9x19 FMJ, .45ACP FMJ and .357 Sig and they have performed as expected both in regard to stopping the bullets and the depth of the backface signature. However the panels have not been tested by an independent ballistic laboratory.

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