Terms of Delivery


Our webshop accept orders from all EU countries. Please note that EU-orders has to be made using Euro € as currency. You can choose currency at the top of the webshop. Choose SEK if you order from Sweden and EUR if you order from EU outside Sweden.


Please contact us via e-mail for international orders outside the EU. We accept payments with Paypal, Bank wire transfer and Western Union. Orders from countries not located in the European Union excludes the swedish VAT and are 20% off on the price.


Ballistic shields and backpack inserts can be delivered world wide.


Body armor can be shipped to all EU-countries and to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain and the USA. Export to other locations need an export licence and only bulk orders are accepted.


  • Shipping to EU-countries is € 29 for orders up to 20kg (additional cost for shields).
  • Shipping to the USA is approx. $60-200 (depending on what type of product) for orders up to 10kg/22lbs.
  • Shipping time for international orders is approx. 7-15 working days. 



These terms of delivery are applied to your ordering from our web store and to the deliveries as well.


These terms of delivery are valid as from 2018-06-21. We have the right to change these terms of delivery unilaterally from time to time so please go them through each time and before you order from our web store.


Products and prices

The characteristics and the prices of the products in our web store are presented in each product presentation. We reserve the right to change the prices of the products and delivery expenses so please check the above amounts in the shopping basket before you accept the order. The prices of the products include the value added tax (VAT) and you can see the amount of VAT in the shopping basket and in the order confirmation.


Delivery expenses

The amount of the possible delivery expenses depend on the product itself (for example the weight and packaging) and the method of delivery chosen. The amount of the delivery expenses (if any) will be added automatically to the total amount of your order and you can see the amount of the delivery expenses (if any) in your shopping basket before you accept your order.


Ordering and contract

You can order the products in our web store by adding them in to your shopping basket and by accepting your order and by paying it in the payment cashier. When ordering in our web store we require you to read and accept our terms of delivery valid at the time of ordering. You must understand that your accepted order confirmed by us (except to the extent as the cancellation right below may be applied) is binding and will form together with these terms of delivery a contract between us.



For paying your order you can choose any payment method for your shopping basket set in our web store. Contact us if your location is not avaliable as an option in the web store. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer is possible in those cases.


Confirmation of order and payment

After your successful order we will send you an order confirmation to your e-mail, so please make sure that you provide your e-mail address when making your order.  In the order confirmation we also confirm your method of payment. In case, due to an unexpected circumstance, we cannot accept your order, we’ll inform you promptly.  



EU-orders are commonly delivered with DHL Parcel. 


Delivery time

Delivery time within Sweden is approx. 3 working days. International shipping with is usually 7-15 working days.


Please note that tracking DHL Parcel EU shipments is usually only possible via the german DHL main site www.dhl.de and not via the swedish site or .com site. If using the latter the tracking will incorrectly show that the shipment is still at the swedish DHL export terminal. 


Right to cancel and return of the delivery 

If you are a consumer you have the right to cancel your order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act by notifying your cancellation to us at the latest 14 days after you have received the goods, or the last lot of the delivery, or if it is a question of regular deliveries of goods at the latest 14 days after you have received the first shipment. Please note that sales of ballistic protection products are final and not possible to cancel! 


You must make your notification of cancellation clearly by calling us or by sending your notification to our e-mail address set out below.


The right to cancel applies solely to, and the goods returned shall respectively be set in their original package, be unused, and be well packaged for the return delivery.


If you cancel your order you have to return the goods promptly and at the latest within 14 days after the cancellation notification.  If needed you have to evidence that the goods are returned within the above mentioned return time (e.g. by showing the return receipt). You have to pay for the costs of the return of the goods. Such costs will not be returned to you.


When returning the goods, please attach your name, contact information and your adequate bank account number so that we can pay your payment for your order back to you. We will return such payment promptly to you in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.


Inspection of the delivery, errors and problems 

Please inspect the delivery received promptly upon receipt. If a product is missing or damaged during the transport or if the delivery is otherwise not as you have ordered or if there is defect in the product, please notify this to our Customer service promptly and at the latest within 14 days so we can agree how to correct the situation. Regarding defects related to products ordered by consumers we adhere to the mandatory provisions of the consumer protection legislation. 


Customer service

Our personnel are happy to help you with any questions regarding your order so please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or phone at:

E-mail: info@tyrprotection.com

Phone: +46-704227947


Limitation of liability

Tyr Protection/DI Konsult shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or other damage related to or arising from the order, delivery or the product, except to the extent as otherwise stipulated by the mandatory provisions of the consumer protection law or by the mandatory provisions of other applicable law.  



In case of any dispute regarding your order we wish to settle such primarily with you. So please contact our Customer service in such matters so we can try to settle the question.


If a dispute concerning a sales contract cannot be resolved through negotiation between the parties, the consumer can submit the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution.


Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should contact the Local Register Offices' Consumer Advisory Service.





Merchant Terms & Conditions to Billie x Klarna Services

Acceptance Process

Purchase on account for business customers (Kauf auf Rechnung) via Klarna powered by Billie

The order is accepted by sending a declaration of acceptance in a separate e-mail or by delivery of the goods within three to four days. The declaration of acceptance by e-mail is sent by Billie GmbH, which has acquired the claim against the business customer if the payment method "Purchase on account for business customers powered by Billie" is selected.

Transfer of Claim

Business customers have the option to pay the invoice amount by bank transfer after receipt of the goods and invoice ("Purchase on account"). To offer such services, there is a cooperation with as the case may be a payment service provider which in turn cooperates with Klarna Bank AB ("Klarna"), which in turn cooperates with the financial service provider Billie GmbH ("Billie") to offer the payment method "Purchase on account” to business customers. In order to pay the invoice amount by bank transfer, no registration on part of the business customer is required. After selecting the payment method during the ordering process, an address and credit check is performed by Billie. If such checks are successful, the order process can be carried out with the selected payment method and the claim against the customer is as the case may be first assigned to the payment service provider of the seller, then to Klarna Bank AB and consecutively to Billie. The invoice amount shall be paid within the payment period indicated on the invoice and to the account, which will be communicated to the business customer as part of Billie's payment instructions.


If the payment method "Purchase on account for business customers powered by Billie" is selected, an address and creditworthiness check will be conducted by Billie as part of the ordering process. For this purpose, the following data provided as part of the order, required for this address and credit check, are transmitted to Klarna and Billie and partner companies commissioned by Billie (e.g. payment service providers, credit information agencies, collection partners, etc.):

Personal data and contact information: Information on the identity of the customer (title, first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address) and the company in whose name the order is placed (company name and legal form, registration number and data, address and contact data, e-mail address, telephone number, shipping and billing addresses, customer number, tax number, VAT identification number, information on the industry and company size);
Transaction-related data: Invoice amount and payment term, information about products you order, such as order ID, quantity, shopping cart and billing information, existing customer status.

This data is used by Klarna, Billie and partner payment service providers (if any) solely for the purpose of checking whether the payment method requested by the business customer is available and, if the check is successful, for processing this payment method. As part of this processing, Billie will send the customer information about the status of the order and invoice details to the e-mail address provided during the ordering process.

Klarna's privacy policy is available at the following link: https://www.klarna.com/international/privacy-policy/.

Billie's privacy policy is available at the following link: https://www.billie.io/datenschutz/kar/.

Both privacy statements apply in addition to our Privacy Policy and our General Terms & Conditions.

Payment instructions and payment reminders

When selecting the payment method "Purchase on account” powered by Billie, Billie will send payment requests and payment reminders via email. Payments shall exclusively be made to the account specified herein.

If a customer's payments cannot be clearly assigned, Billie has the right to offset incoming payments from a customer against outstanding claims of the merchant against this customer, whereby a payment is initially offset against the oldest outstanding claim. If there are several open claims of the same age, a payment will be credited proportionately to all claims.


Technical support in case of issues with the selection and implementation of Billie Services is provided by Billie. Billie Support is available during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Berlin public holidays), at help.billie.io.



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