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FAQ about ballistic shields

Ballistic shields are usually made of fiber materials such as UHMWPE, and models with the highest levels of protection commonly have an outer layer of hard ceramic. Shields of good quality cost on average  €1500-4000. Although ballistic shields can stop bullets, they are easy to inadvertently damage. The surface that protects the fiber material can easily be scratched and a ceramic shield may sometimes crack only by e.g. setting it down too hard against the ground. Most ballistic shields has a limited service life with a protection level warranty period of 5-7 years.


To remedy the problems mentioned above and make ballistic shields available to more users, TYR Protection has designed a shield series with a core made of top of the line ballistic steel instead of fiber and ceramic. The result is durable and insensitive shields with no shelf life but still a ballistic performance that surpasses traditional shields with the same protection level.


Our shields are recommended to law enforcement, car patrolling security personnel / security guards, ambulance services, schools as well as to civilians who work or live in high crime areas. A ballistic shield protect not only against bullets but also against knife or axe attacks, fragments etc.


Our shield models have such a thin profile that they can be placed between the seat and the door in many cars and they are not damaged by bouncing around in the trunk. Compared to a bulletproof vest, a shield has a clearly larger protection area and may give cover for both the upper body and the head.  Unlike a bulletproof vest or plate carrier a shield may also be used to protect someone else or as a offensive tool against an attacker.


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