Spall Liner

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390.00 kr
Delivery weight: 200 g

Thin and light weight Spall Liner made of Twaron® aramid. The panel is placed in front of a steel core armor plate and catches bullet fragments. The panel is an alternative or complement to a build-up coat. Very effective when used in combination with a coated plate.


  • Size 25x30cm (10x12").
  • Thickness approx. 4mm.
  • Weight 220 gram.


Can be used with all our armor plate models in the same size. The panel has no ballistic rating.


Price outside EU: $35


Price to EU countries: €38



Our credit card solution in the webshop only accept orders from Sweden and a few other countries. Please contact us via e-mail for international orders. Payment is possible via Paypal or bank transfer.



Here is a video of the spall liner being shot with 5,56x45 and .308win:



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